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Test your knowledge of your microbiome and its links to mental health in this quick quiz.  

Microbiome research has increased dramatically in recent years and has yielded tremendous insight into the effects of gut bacteria on our metabolic processes, cognitive function and general wellbeing.

Dr Norman Swan is one of our most trusted doctors and a much-respected broadcaster and author. His new book So You Want to Live Younger, Longer? explains the mysteries of the microbiome and reveals why the path to living longer (and happier) is paved with good gut bugs.

Take our quiz and find out more about gut health (scroll down for answers).

1.       Research reveals how our gut biome exerts a considerable influence on our neurophysiology and mental health. Which of the following are possible effects of imbalanced gut bacteria?

A)      Depression

B)      Anxiety

C)      Insomnia

D)      All of the above



2.       Which of these foods is the least beneficial for your gut health?

A)      Black beans

B)      Veal

C)      Watermelon

D)      Salmon


3.       Bioactives are compounds found in certain foods that are capable of improving metabolic processes and general health. Which of these culinary processes assists the release of bioactives in our food?

A)      Chopping

B)      Cooking in extra virgin olive oil

C)      Adding onions, garlic and herbs

D)      All of the above 


4.       Studies show that a healthy gut can lead to lower levels of inflammation, frailty and improved cognitive function. Which of these eating patterns is linked to healthier gut microbiota?

A)      Mediterranean diet

B)      Atkins diet

C)      Western diet

D)      Japanese diet


5.       True or false: There is no bottle of pills or antioxidant supplement that comes close to immense complexity and benefits of the food we cook.

A)      True

B)      False


1. D | 2. B | 3. D | 4. A | 5. A

  • So You Want to Live Younger Longer - Dr Norman Swan

    The ultimate guide on what you can do at any age to stay young and healthy longer, from Australia's trusted, straight-talking doctor and broadcaster, Dr Norman Swan, bestselling author of So You Think You Know What's Good for You?

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