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Book ideas for prizes to award young students.

  • 101 Collective Nouns - Jennifer Cossins

    A tribe of kiwis? A smack of jellyfish? A wisdom of wombats? A beautifully illustrated picture book featuring 101 full-colour animal illustrations, each with its very own collective noun. For ages 5+

  • The Giant and the Sea - Trent Jamieson

    A stunningly beautiful and powerful take on climate change, standing up for what you believe in, and the power of hope. For ages 5+

  • The Rabbits - John Marsden, Shaun Tan

    THE RABBITS offers a rich and immensely valuable perspective on the effect of man on his environment. Visually loaded and told with a passion for truth and understanding, THE RABBITS aims to promote cultural awareness and a sense of caring for the natural world. For ages 5+

  • Lost Thing - Shaun Tan

    A boy finds a lost 'thing' on the beach where he's scavenging for his bottle top collection. The thing is a large, freakish creature that no one really notices. A quirky tale about finding your place in the world. For ages 5+

  • The Red Tree - Shaun Tan

    THE RED TREE is a book about feelings - feelings that can not always be simply expressed in words. It is a series of imaginary landscapes conjured up by the wizardry of Shaun Tan's masterful and miraculous art. As a kind of fable, THE RED TREE seeks to remind us that, though some bad feelings are inevitable, they are always tempered by hope. For ages 5+

  • Stories for Every Season - Enid Blyton, Becky Cameron

    A beautiful treasury of stories for every season from one of the world's best-loved storytellers. With gorgeous full-colour illustrations throughout, this collection will delight at any time of the year and makes the perfect gift. For ages 5+

  • Design for Children - Kimberlie Birks

    A comprehensive, genre-defining survey of 20th- and 21st-century product and furniture design for children. The book spotlights more than 450 beautiful, creative, stylish, and clever examples of designs created exclusively for kids - from toys, furniture, and tableware to textiles, lights, and vehicles. For ages 5+

  • Art Workshops for Children - Herve Tullet

    A guide to twelve children's art workshops by one of the world's most innovative facilitators and best–selling bookmakers. For ages 5+

  • The Silver Spoon for Children New Edition: Favourite Italian Recipes - Phaidon, Phaidon

    On the 10th anniversary of its first publication, a new edition of this bestselling collection of quick, wholesome, easy-to-make Italian dishes for kids to prepare. Kids will love to cook and eat the authentic regional Italian dishes - chosen by a nutritional specialist for their simple instructions, achievability, and balanced nutrition. For ages 5+

  • Orchard Ballet Stories for Young Children - Saviour Pirotta, Brigette Barrager

    Discover all the magic of the ballet with this collection of classic tales and meet enchanted princesses, magical birds, dancing dolls and wicked witches. This beautiful gift collection contains six of the best-loved stories from the ballet: The Nutcracker; Swan Lake; The Sleeping Beauty; Cinderella; Coppelia and The Firebird. For ages 6+

  • A-Z of Australian Animals - Jennifer Cossins

    A beautifully illustrated hardback anthology of 26 of Australia's most fascinating animals, from the gorgeous azure kingfisher and the sleepy koala, to the shy numbat and the friendly zebra finch. For ages 7+

  • Rules of Summer - Shaun Tan

    A deceptively simple story about two boys and the kind of ‘rules’ that might govern any relationship between close friends or siblings. Rules that are often so strange or arbitrary, they seem impossible to understand from the outside. Yet through each exquisite illustration of this nearly wordless narrative, we can enjoy wandering around an emotional landscape that is oddly familiar to us all. For ages 7+

  • The Arrival - Shaun Tan

    A unique 128-page, textless graphic novel, in black, white and sepia, drawing inspiration from tales of migrants in past and recent times. For ages 7+

  • Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different - Ben Brooks, Quinton Winter

    Prince charming, dragon slayer, mischievous prankster... More often than not, these are the role-models boys encounter in the books they read at home and at school. As a boy, there is an assumption that you will conform to a stereotypical idea of masculinity. For ages 7+

  • Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different Journal - Ben Brooks, Quinton Winter

    STORIES FOR BOYS WHO DARE TO BE DIFFERENT JOURNAL is full of tips and ideas to help boys everywhere explore their dreams and release their creativity in an environment where emotions and feelings are celebrated. Thanks to an array of imaginative and thoughtful prompts, and short biographies of some real-life inspiring figures who followed their personal dreams, this journal will help boys construct their own world away from gender stereotypes and social conventions. For ages 7+

  • Amazing Australian Women: Twelve Women Who Shaped History - Pamela Freeman, Sophie Beer

    A bright and colourful look at twelve incredible Australian women who helped shape our country, from politics and the arts to Indigenous culture, science and more. For ages 7+

  • Poems from a Green and Blue Planet - Sabrina Mahfouz

    Dive into this book and be swept away on a journey around our green and blue planet. Explore all the worlds that make up our world, and hear the voices, past and present, that sing out from it. From haikus to sonnets, from rap to the Romantics, this joyous collection celebrates life in all corners of our beautiful planet. For ages 7+

  • Secrets in the Skies - Giles Sparrow, James Weston Lewis

    SECRETS IN THE SKIES delves deep into the life and discoveries of the world's most famous stargazer, Galileo Galilei, and the star-studded history of astronomy, from our prehistoric ancestors to the work of today's most brilliant scientists. For ages 7+

  • How to Build an Orchestra - Mary Auld, Elisa Paganelli

    Find out what makes up an orchestra and learn about its different instruments with this beautifully illustrated book, produced in association with the London Symphony Orchestra. For ages 7+

  • Space Explorers - Libby Jackson, Leonard Dupond

    A beautifully illustrated anthology of 25 extraordinary stories of space exploration, adventure and human achievement from Britain's leading expert in human spaceflight. For ages 8+

  • Brilliant Women - Georgia Amson-Bradshaw, Rita Petruccioli

    A beautifully illustrated book, introducing women who have stretched the boundaries of art, science, society and sport and changed the world along the way. From ages 9+

  • James Rhodes' Playlist: The Rebels and Revolutionaries of Sound - James Rhodes, Martin O'Neill

    Discover seven of the world's greatest composers in this stunning introduction to classical music by piano maestro and bestselling author James Rhodes. For ages 9+

  • Natural Wonders of the World: Discover 30 Marvels of Planet Earth - Molly Oldfield, Federica Bordoni

    From firefly squid glowing against the night sky in Japan to a Mexican cave filled with the largest crystals ever found, you'll discover the stories and science behind these wonders, the threats they now face and the efforts taking place to save them. How did the Grand Canyon come to be? Where is the most electric place on Earth? And what can we do to protect the Great Barrier Reef? For ages 9+

  • A Child's Introduction To Art - Meredith Hamilton, Heather Alexander

    The book highlights 40 painters and sculptors, including Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, Diego Velasquez, Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Mary Cassatt, and Andy Warhol, providing information on their life, inspirations, influences, technique, and a full-color photo of one of their signature works of art. It also includes an overview of various styles and periods (Renaissance, Impressionism, Cubism, etc.), instruction on how to view and appreciate art, and information on the color wheel and other tools artists employ. For ages 9+

  • A Child's Introduction to Ballet - Laura Lee, Meredith Hamilton

    This enchanting introduction to the wonderful world of ballet has been updated to include a removable poster and access to 25 downloadable music tracks. For ages 9+

  • A Child's Introduction to the Night Sky - Michael Driscoll, Meredith Hamilton

    This charming exploration of the night sky -- featuring a star finder and glow-in-the-dark stickers -- which has more than a quarter of a million young astronomers enjoying the night sky in countries around the world, is now completely revised and updated. For ages 9+

  • A Child's Introduction to the Orchestra - Robert Levine, Meredith Hamilton

    This interactive, bestselling introduction to the world of classical music -- from music history and key composers to instruments and arrangements -- now includes a removable poster and access to downloadable music so primary-age children (and their parents) can listen as they learn. For ages 9+

  • A Child's Introduction to the World - Heather Alexander, Meredith Hamilton

    Starting with the basics hemispheres, latitude and longitude, continental drift, map notation, landforms, population density, and more the book gives kids a solid foundation to begin exploring world geography. With 150 charming, original watercolor illustrations, A Child's Introduction To The World is an entertaining and comprehensive overview of our fascinating planet. For ages 9+

  • Wonders of the World's Museums - Molly Oldfield, Harriet Taylor Seed, Peter Malone

    Open up this treasure trove of wonders to visit 43 museums and 50 exhibits! Discover the most fascinating and mysterious objects found in museums, from star attractions to unsung exhibits. For ages 9+

  • Birds of the World - Cesare Della Pieta, Shishi Nguyen

    From owls and hawks to flamingos and toucans, this fully illustrated, fact-filled book is full of hundreds of avian wonders from all over the world for kids to discover and explore.

  • Italian Cooking School: Desserts - Phaidon, Phaidon

    75 fail-proof recipes for delicious desserts from the world's most trusted and bestselling Italian cookbook series. Making desserts at home has never been easier!

  • Italian Cooking School: Vegetables - The Silver Spoon Kitchen

    Italian Cooking School: Vegetables is the latest addition to this fail-proof Italian cookbook series. Step-by-step instructions and photography guide readers through the preparation process and ensure success every time. Chapters cover salads, steaming, boiling and stewing, grilling, frying, roasting and baking.

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