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In theme with her latest book, SECRETS BETWEEN FRIENDS, Fiona Palmer gives us five secrets (not many friends) know!

1. I was called Grandma in high school.

I’d begged my mum to let me have my hair dyed and finally she let me at age 15 or 16 (can’t quite remember) and it was with the horrible skull cap type and they dyed streaks but my hair took too well (or she left it too long) and those streaks were white!!! So I looked like I had grey hair. And because we didn’t have much money mum wouldn’t let me get it redyed so I had to wait for it to grow out/fade. Lucky I have thick skin!

2. I have ironed my face.

Yes, it sounds impossible and I’ve heard all the jokes about answering the phone while ironing but that wasn’t how it happened. I was ironing and put the hot iron on the ground so I could fold up the board and as I bent over it swung in my hand and hit my chin leaving a good burn mark with the iron holes! My brother prefers telling the other version as its funnier.

3. My first love was our Kiwi workman.

I was 11 when he came to work for my dad. He was 9 years older and a great guy to be around. At the age of 15 or 16 I finally got to go out with him after years of dreaming about it. But by then I realised he was more like my big brother. Still love him to bits! He will always be a part of our family.

4. I had a buzz cut.

One day in the shed dad pulled out the clippers to cut my brothers hair and his. I wanted to know what it felt like and asked to be next. I think I was 12 at the time. Being a tomboy I didn’t care about my hair. I knew it would grow back. Not sure I could do it now. It’s taken forever to get my hair this long!!

5. I have a tattoo.

When I was 18 and racing speedway I got two checked flags with my racing number 73 between them. I loved it, my husband-to-be didn’t. I had it removed a few years down the track. I have been thinking of getting another but this time inspired by books.

After writing eight bestselling novels set in rugged rural Australia, Fiona Palmer set herself the challenge of writing a story that takes place on Western Australia's gorgeous coastline, which she regularly visits.  SECRETS BETWEEN FRIENDS is in stores now.

  • Secrets Between Friends - Fiona Palmer

    Best friends Abbie, Jess and Ricki are setting sail on a cruise ship, rekindling the excitement of a school excursion they took ten years earlier to the historic port town of Albany, the oldest city on the stunning turquoise coastline of Western Australia. But are they truly prepared for what this voyage will reveal?

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