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The health industry is worth millions of dollars. From immune boosting shots, detoxes and sun gazing – it is easy to feel overwhelmed by conflicting information. Amidst a global pandemic, where we know that health is paramount – we ask, what does it mean to be truly well?

Question 1:

The best way to detoxify your body is with:

a) lemon juice

b) coffee enemas

c) kombucha

d) green tea

e) your liver and kidneys


Question 2: 

Iridology was inspired by:

a) iris inflammation caused by autoimmune disease

b) a black fleck in an owl’s iris

c) heterochromia (different coloured eyes)

d) unusually shaped pupils

e) eye changes caused by sunlight


Question 3: 

The most useful immune booster is:

a) echinacea

b) elderberries

c) immunisations

d) vitamin D

e) ice-cold baths 


Question 4: 

A colon cleanse can cause:

a) dehydration

b) perforated bowel

c) sepsis

d) death

e) all of the above


Question 5: 

Sun-gazing is able to:

a) cause permanent visual impairment

b) recharge your qi 

c) illuminate your chakras

d) boost melatonin production

e) equilibrate your inner resonance 


Answers: 1e, 2b, 3c, 4e, and 5a.



  • Fake Medicine - Bradley McKay

    We all want to live healthier, happier, and longer lives, but too many of us fall into are fooled my misinformation. Too often we are misled by marketing or scammed by sciencey-sounding salespeople. Enter Dr Brad McKay, Australian GP and science communicator, experienced broadcaster, interviewer, and public commentator. He has seen the rise of misinformation permeate our lives and watched as many of us have turned away from health experts. Too often, we place our trust in online influencers, celebrities, and Dr Google when it comes to making important health decisions. Fake Medicine explores the potential dangers of wellness warriors, anti-vaxxers, fad diets, dodgy supplements, alternative practitioners, and conspiracy theories.

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