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Creativity redefined as Unicorn Space is the active and open pursuit of self-expression in any form, built on value-based curiosity and purposeful sharing of this pursuit with the world. Whether it be creating art, expanding your knowledge within your area of expertise, or developing a new skill, your Unicorn Space is that thing that makes you uniquely and vibrantly you. But like the mythical equine that inspired the name, it doesn’t exist until you give yourself permission to reclaim, discover, and nurture it.

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Which One of These Activities Qualifies as Unicorn Space?
A. Unwinding with your friends over an extended lunch
B. Sinking into a sensory-soothing, aromatic bath
C. Date night: dinner, drinks, and dancing with your partner/spouse
D. An hour of uninterrupted and contented time in the kitchen to roll out homemade pasta and put on to simmer your signature sauce that you will later, and proudly, serve to family and friends for dinner

A. This falls under the Fair Play definition of “adult friendships” and is absolutely valuable and essential to happiness but in a category of its own.
B. This falls under the Fair Play definition of “self-care” and is essential to your brain and body functions. (Not to be confused with “commodified wellness”, where people try to sell you care you don’t need.) True self care is important, but it does not count as Unicorn Space unless it’s connected to a larger goal that can be shared with the world.
C. This falls under the Fair Play definition of “partnerships.” Making regular time to invest in your relationship will ensure its longevity and overall satisfaction, but you still need pursuits beyond your role as a partner to feel ultimately fulfilled.
D. Bingo! This has all the elements that characterize the active pursuit of self-expression and that includes value-based curiosity and purposeful sharing.

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Writing Fair Play had been my Unicorn Space—I loved writing. Turning a dozen journals filled with my scribbled thoughts and unfinished ideas into a complete and published manuscript was a dream come true, and every time I spoke to couples on the subject, it delivered a Category 5 storm of passion to my life.

But as I got busier and Fair Play became a full-time (then more than full-time!) job, I realized that calling my work my Unicorn Space was, well, no longer hitting the mark. Even though I loved my new role on the professional front, I was losing time just for me. Would rekindling my childhood dance dreams with my cousin Jessica lead me in the direction of a little more fun? Was this the spark of a creative expression that would reinspire and carry me throughout the inevitable storms of daily life? And could my expanded Unicorn Space inspire others to reclaim or discover their own? I was on the verge of something. I could feel it.

This is an extract from Find Your Unicorn Space by Eve Rodsky.

  • Find Your Unicorn Space - Eve Rodsky

    From the author of Fair Play comes an inspirational guide for setting new personal goals, rediscovering your interests, cultivating creativity, and reclaiming your Unicorn Space.

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