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Fundamental: How quantum and particle physics explain absolutely everything (except gravity)

Tim James

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History, Quantum physics (quantum mechanics & quantum field

In the same way that Tim's first book ELEMENTAL, a Daily Mail Book of the Year in 2018, serves as a beginner's guide to Chemistry, FUNDAMENTAL provides a very entertaining beginner's guide to quantum and particle physics.

FUNDAMENTAL does for physics what Tim's first book, ELEMENTAL, does for chemistry: it demystifies the topic in his trademark humorous, engaging style, including the most recent developments in the field.

At the start of the twentieth century, science appeared complete and the laws of nature were almost all discovered, but then we woke a sleeping giant - we discovered quantum mechanics.

In the quantum realm, objects can be in two places at once. It's a place where time travel is not only possible, but necessary. It's a place where cause and effect can happen in reverse and observing something changes its state. From parallel universes to antimatter, quantum mechanics has revealed that when you get right down to it, the laws of nature are insane. The scientist J. B. S. Haldane once said, 'Reality is not only stranger than we imagine . . . it's stranger than we can imagine.' Never is this more true than with quantum mechanics; our best, most recent attempt to make sense of the fundamental laws of nature.

FUNDAMENTAL is a comprehensive beginner's guide to quantum mechanics, explaining not only the weirdness of the subject but the experiments that proved it to be true. Using a humorous and light-hearted approach, FUNDAMENTAL tells the story of how the most brilliant minds in science grappled with seemingly impossible ideas

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Praise for Fundamental: How quantum and particle physics explain absolutely everything (except gravity)

  • A hugely entertaining tour of the periodic table and the 118 elements that are the basic building blocks of everything. - Daily Mail

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Tim James

TIM JAMES is a science teacher and populariser, YouTuber, blogger and Instagrammer. His YouTube videos have been viewed over 410,000 times and his website receives over 2,000 hits a week. He has regularly appeared on BBC Radio as a science consultant, as well as writing an article for BBC Science Focus magazine on Quantum Field Theory. Selected media appearances can be found at:

Raised by missionaries in Nigeria, he fell in love with science at the age of fifteen and refuses to get over his infatuation. Since graduating with a Master's degree in chemistry, specialising in computational quantum mechanics, he has devoted himself to teaching. His first book, Elemental: How the Periodic Table Now Explains (Nearly) Everything was selected by the Daily Mail as one of the best books of 2018, his second, Fundamental: How quantum and particle physics explain absolutely everything (except gravity), was published in August 2019.

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