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The Tiger Man of Vietnam

Frank Walker

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The Vietnamese hill tribes made him a demi-god. The CIA wanted to kill him. This is the remarkable true story of Australian war hero Barry Petersen. Frank Walker's critically acclaimed bestseller is now part of the HACHETTE MILITARY COLLECTION.

'This book drips with adventure and intrigue'

In 1963, Australian Army Captain Barry Petersen was sent to Vietnam. It was one of the most tightly held secrets of the Vietnam War. Petersen was ordered to train and lead guerrilla squads of Montagnard tribesmen against the Viet Cong in the remote Central Highlands. He successfully formed a fearsome militia, named 'Tiger Men'.

A canny leader, he was courageous in battle, and his bravery saw him awarded the coveted Military Cross and worshipped by the hill tribes. But his success created enemies, not just within the Viet Cong. Some in US intelligence saw Petersen as having 'gone native' and were determined he had to go, by any means possible. He was lucky to make it out of the mountains alive.

THE TIGER MAN OF VIETNAM reveals the compelling true story of a little-known Australian war hero. Now part of the HACHETTE MILITARY COLLECTION.

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Praise for The Tiger Man of Vietnam

  • Cracking tale of Lawrence of the Highlands ... an extraordinary yarn ... finely researched. - SUN-HERALD

  • This is one of those great untold stories and Walker tells it with verve and excitement and with meticulous attention to detail. - SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

  • this remarkable true story is much richer and more compelling than anything Hollywood could conjure - WEST AUSTRALIAN

  • this book drips with adventure and intrigue - THE AGE

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Frank Walker

Frank Walker is a veteran journalist. His newspaper roles have included being chief reporter for the SUN-HERALD covering defence, veterans' affairs, national security and terrorism. He's also worked on the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, the NATIONAL TIMES, for News Limited in New York, and for Deutsche Welle international radio in Germany. In 2009, Hachette published his first book, THE TIGER MAN OF VIETNAM - the remarkable true story of the secret war of Captain Barry Petersen in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. It was a bestseller. Frank followed this with his bestselling GHOST PLATOON in 2012, MARALINGA in 2014, COMMANDOS in 2015 and TRAITORS in 2017. He lives in Sydney with his family. For more information visit