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The Dream Handbook

Jane Teresa Anderson

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Sleep & dreams

We all dream - and quite often we wonder if our dreams mean anything. As it turns out ... they do! The Dream Handbook will help you decode your dreams and provides amazing dream alchemy practices to transform your life.

Your dreams contain wisdom and insight about your waking life - that's why they are so important. Using THE DREAM HANDBOOK you can discover the meaning of your dreams and nightmares, and then apply the dream alchemy practices to create positive life change.

Included is information about how to:

-stop uncomfortable recurring dreams
-identify emotional obstacles and release them
-create more fulfilling relationships
-discover your talents and life purpose
-heal the past
-work with the emotions and feelings in your dreams
-transform fearful dreams into loving visions
-tap into your creative source
-identify your spiritual lessons and move forward
-use your dreams to strike personal and spiritual gold
-design your own dream alchemy practices.

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