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From Jenny Ashcroft author of Historical Romance novels Island in the East and Beneath a Burning Sky

What better motivation to keep going than the thought of a week or two away afterwards?

I’ve always loved to travel. I grew up in England, with Europe right on the doorstep, and was exploring it before I could walk (some of the earliest photos of me are as a baby in Greece, curled up in a beach towel in the shade). Over the past ten years, I’ve been lucky enough to live and work in Singapore and Australia – both great springboards in terms of countries to explore. To me, there are few things more exciting than discovering somewhere new, be it close to home or far afield, but there are also certain places that I can’t resist returning to time and again - even with so much of the world left to explore.

So here they are, my top 5 holiday destinations.


*Noosa Image credit: DarrenTierney

  • Paros, Greece. -

    With winding streets, sugar cube houses, and the clearest water I’ve ever swam in, this island is my version of paradise. I’ve been coming since I was tiny, and now love taking my own children - more each time I visit.

  • Batu Batu, Malaysia. -

    Just a short hop from where we lived in Singapore, this was our favourite weekend jaunt. With no cars, no noise, no nothing except white sand, palm trees, and wooden huts on the beach, it was the perfect

  • Rajasthan, India. -

    I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over this amazing country - with work and on holiday – and, no matter how many times I visit, feel like I barely scratch the surface of all there is to experience and explore.

  • The Rockies, Canada. -

    The endless space, breath-taking views, crisp mountain air, great skiing, and beautiful free-roaming wildlife are just a few of the things I’ve fallen for here. If I could visit every year, I would!

  • Noosa, Queensland. -

    My husband has family here, and no trip back to Australia feels complete without a visit. My kids love the kangaroos, chasing the waves, and building sandcastles, and we love all that, plus so much else besides.

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