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These days it seems as though health advice bombards us from all areas. Take this quiz to see if your general health knowledge stands the test.

From our TVs to our Instagram feeds, conversations about the latest diet or exercise plan, magazines and infomercials – with so much coming at us it becomes difficult to discern fact from fiction. How much carbs should I eat? Is a low-fat diet really the best thing for me? Coconut milk is good for you, isn’t it? Is there any limit to the amount of protein I can eat? Which protein is best for muscle building? And is it better to eat before or after the gym? Is low-fat dairy best? Should I stir butter into my coffee?

When the nation most needed clarity and guidance, Dr Norman Swan stepped up to guide Australians through the coronavirus pandemic. Now, he is stepping up again with a new book, titled So You Think You Know What’s Good for You? An informative, accessible, and easy to understand 360-degree guide to health.

Take our quiz to find out how your general health knowledge stands the test! (scroll down for answers)

1. Who are the second longest-living ethnic group in the world after Japanese people?

a)      Croatians

b)      Norwegians

c)      Italians

d)      Israelis

e)      First Generation Greek Australians


2. Red and reddish vegetables are potent sources of:

a)       Protein

b)      Fibre

c)       Antioxidants

d)      Healthy fats


3. What is one of the best ways to prevent excessive screen usage in children?

a)       Parental controls installed on all devices.

b)      Yell at them a lot.

c)       Delay the time until you provide your child with a device of their own.

d)      Limit the time you spend on your device in front of your child.


4. How many hours of sleep do humans require on average?

a)       6 hours

b)      7–8 hours

c)       3–4 hours

d)      There isn’t a set amount


1. E |  2. B and C | 3. D | 4. D

  • So You Think You Know What's Good For You? - Dr Norman Swan

    Informative, accessible and easy to understand, So You Think You Know What's Good for You? has everything you need to know about health and wellbeing, delivered with Dr Norman Swan's trademark clarity and wit.

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