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The Seventh Commandment: twisty and gripping, the spellbinding new conspiracy thriller

Tom Fox

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Fiction, Thriller / suspense, Adventure

Simon Toyne meets Dan Brown: hot on the heels of Tom Fox's debut novel DOMINUS, THE SEVENTH COMMANDMENT is an edge-of-your-seat religious conspiracy thriller with a high-concept hook and relentless pace.

Fans of Simon Toyne and those who can't wait for Origin by Dan Brown will be gripped by THE SEVENTH COMMANDMENT, the electrifying new conspiracy thriller by Tom Fox, author of DOMINUS.

'A fine mystery thriller that is both well-written and as intriguing as it is exciting' - For Winter Nights

Chaos is about to descend on the Eternal City.

The River Tiber will run with blood. A darkness will consume the sun.

And that is just the beginning.

An ancient stone bearing seven predictions is unearthed in a dig. Then, when gunshots are fired by the river, Akkadian language specialist Angelina Calla and Vatican expert Ben Verdyx are stunned to realise they are the targets.

The tablet connects them: they are the only people in Rome who can decipher it. But can these prophecies be real? And why does someone want Ben and Angelina dead? Now they must put aside their differences to unravel the terrifying truth before their time runs out.

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