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The Complete Alien Omnibus

Alan Dean Foster

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Fiction, Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

In space no one can hear you scream...

An omnibus edition of Alan Dean Foster's Alien science-fiction trilogy.

As the spaceship Nostromo glided through the silent reaches of the galaxy, the ships scanners detected a garbled distress call form a remote and long dead planet. But all the technology on board could not protect the ship's crew from the living nightmare they found there. It was a terror that stalked Ripley, the only survivor of Nostromo, and came to haunt her again and again...

Read the horrors of ALIEN and you won't believe that Ripley returned, with a team of death-dealing Marines, right back into the jaws of a threat too monstrous to contemplate. After the slaughter that was ALIENS, Ripley finds herself on a prison planet worse than anyone's imagined hell. But the nightmare of ALIEN 3 was only just beginning...

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