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Hearts of Ice: The Sunsurge Quartet Book 3

David Hair

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The Sunsurge Quartet, Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945), Crime & mystery, Fantasy

A demon-infected masked cabal are plotting to destroy the world and remake it for their own lusts . . . The fight for survival on Urte is reaching fever-pitch.

Summer is gone, and the world is turning to ice.

The Rondian Empress Lyra has lost her husband, her army is defeated and the deadly Masked Cabal have seized the Holy City. Her allies have abandoned her and her empire is spiralling into chaos - and her only weapon is a forbidden magic she dare not use. She can't survive alone - but who can she still trust?

'Vibrant, memorable characters' - SciFi Now

The Eastern conqueror Sultan Rashid is victorious on the battlefield, but now he faces an enemy more deadly than Rondian knights: the winter. Unless he captures a major city to shelter his huge armies, his plans to overthrow the West face ruin in the snow. But standing between his men and safety is the remnants of a defeated army led by a general who knows all about fighting for survival.

'An epic journey of ordinary people destined to change the course of history . . . alluring . . . gripping' -

There are no easy options left. Lyra and her fellow dwymancers must master their deadly magic, whatever the cost. Even those who believe themselves to be fighting for good must grasp the reins of power with cold-hearted determination, and use even the most terrible weapon, if they are to stop the world from falling apart . . . for ever.

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Praise for Hearts of Ice: The Sunsurge Quartet Book 3

  • Beautifully written, a fantastically epic tale spanning two continents, with flashes of the Crusades combined with wonderfully inventive magic. It's grounded in believable characters that I loved and hated, and full of action and heartbreak. And knights flying into battle on winged horses - how cool is that! - JOHN GWYNNE, bestselling author of Malice on Empress of the Fall

  • A page-turning adventure filled with excitement and intriguing characters. For those loving an epic fantasy with plenty of sword-fights, gun-play, bare-fisted combat and battles between sorcerers, this book's for you - AMAZING STORIES on Map s Edge

  • Empress of the Fall is a sprawling epic fantasy of grandiose proportions . . . with a hearty taste of blood and gore, and plenty of vicious politics - ANGELA OLIVER, author of Fellowship of the Ringtails

  • Vibrant, memorable characters are littered across the landscape and the Lantric masks are a great piece of detail. For anyone looking for a new sprawling fantasy epic to stick their teeth into, Empress Of The Fall is an ultimately satisfying journey into a fascinating and chaotic landscape - SCI FI NOW

  • Increasingly addictive . . . Adult fantasy lovers who enjoy historical fiction and intricate political plots will love this book . . . epic - A BOHEMIAN MIND AT WORK

  • Massive but focused, every character POV is interesting and none of them seem cliche, the magic and world is great - BRIAN'S BOOK BLOG

  • Classic immersive fantasy - RIBBON REVIEWS

  • True epic fantasy. It has everything a fan could want - detailed magic, good characters and evil characters (of both genders) and some in between, a compelling plot, and twists aplenty - A BITTER DRAFT

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David Hair

David Hair is an award-winning writer of fantasy for adult and YA readers. He was born in New Zealand and travelled widely, and after spending time in Britain, then India, he now lives in Auckland, New Zealand, with his wife. The first two books in his epic fantasy saga The Moontide Quartet, Mage's Blood and Scarlet Tides, are also published by Jo Fletcher Books.

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