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It's no secret that here at Books With Heart we love Valentine's Day! To celebrate we have compiled a list of our favourite swoon-worthy moments in literature. The moments that swept us off of our feet and sent a shiver down our spine (and our book spine). Get ready to fall in love!


  • A Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald - Natasha Lester

    … and they kissed, long and hard and without regard for anyone in the lounge, unaware that all eyes were turned their way, watching a man and a woman so clearly in love kiss for the very first time.

  • Paris Lights - CJ Duggan

    I turned into him and let the warmth of his arms engulf me; he kissed my temple, whispering into my ear, ‘Restez avec moi’. I pulled my head back, looking at him with a knowing smirk. ‘More dirty talk?’ Louis shook his head, his eyes set hard, his expression serious. ‘It means “stay with me”.

  • The Hating Game - Sally Thorne

    When he puts one hand on my jaw and tilts my head back. I wait for the squeeze to start. At any moment, his warm palm will snap tight and I'll begin to die. Nose to nose. Breath against breath. One of his fingertips is behind my earlobe and I shiver when it slides.

  • Brown-Eyed Girl - Lisa Kleypas

    He began to kiss me slow and deep, as if they world were about to end, as if it were the last minute of the last hour of the last day. The things he did with his mouth, his tongue … it was like a conversation, like sex, the way he found what I wanted and gave it to me. There was more pleasure in that kiss than in any act of physical intimacy I had ever known.

  • Breath of Fire - Amanda Bouchet

    “I will never leave you,” I vow, feeling the magic in my words bind me. “Only death can tear us apart, and even then, I will wait for you at the edges of the Underworld until you come to me again.”

  • New York Nights - CJ Duggan

    Ben entered like a total domestic god, carrying a tray with immense concentration. He looked adorable, a tea towel slung over his left shoulder; all he needed was a little apron and he’d be husband material. It was a side to him I hadn’t seen and, I had to say, I liked it.

  • Island of Glass - Nora Roberts

    She knew what it was to burn. Knew what it was to give in to needs, however feral. But this, now, spurred her beyond the known. He shoved her over the edge only to whip her onto another. And again until her lungs seared and her heart beat to bursting.

  • A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness

    “Am I dreaming?” “You’re not dreaming,” Matthew said. “And, Diana?” He hesitated. “I love you.” It was what I most wanted to hear. The forgotten chain inside me started to sing, quietly, in the dark.

Sarah Holmes

Sarah Holmes

As Digital Marketing Coordinator at Hachette Australia I love books! I also have a heart so I definitely meet the criteria to be on the Books With Heart team. I’m addicted to chocolate, #TorsoTuesday and you’ll find a mix of historical & contemporary romance (with a sexy Scot in a kilt) on my iPad. Jamie Fraser is my #MCM everyday.

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