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Hostile Intent

Michael Walsh

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Fiction, Thriller / suspense

Fast-paced, full-blooded and packed with tension - the first book in Michael Walsh's Devlin series is a classic conspiracy and a superb edge-of-your-seat thriller

It starts with the unthinkable: a horrifying act of terrorism on American soil.Only one man can stop them. Code name Devlin, he exists in the blackest shadows of the United States government - operating off the grid as the country's top agent. He is their most lethal weapon . . . and their most secret. But someone is set on drawing him out into the open by targeting America's citizens, the people Devlin is sworn to protect - and they will continue the slaughter until they get what they want.

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Praise for Hostile Intent

  • Hostile Intent kept me up most of the night. Hold on, is all I can tell you - National Review

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