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Eat Yourself Happy

Gill Paul

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Prose: non-fiction, Coping with personal problems, Self-help & personal development, Cooking for one, Health & wholefood cookery

Improve your health and your mindset with these mood-boosting foods.

We all feel low and discouraged from time to time, but when these feelings continue for weeks and even months, it's time to do something about it.

There are dozens of different types of depression, all with different causes. But almost all are improved by eating the right kinds of foods - those that will help to synthesise ample supplies of brain neurotransmitters, address vitamin and mineral deficiencies and stabilise blood sugar levels.

It's important not to choose sugary foods that offer a quick burst of energy and alcoholic drinks that dull the pain - these will both make depression worse. No matter how you feel, making wise food choices will help.

Featured in this book are the key foods that have been proven to increase the feeling of wellbeing in our minds and bodies. A clever problem-solver helps you choose the ingredients that address your symptoms.

With over 60 easy-to-follow, quick-to-prepare, completely delicious recipes, and weekly meal planners, Eat Yourself Happy is the perfect way to boost your mood and achieve optimum health.

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Gill Paul

Gill Paul is a non-fiction author and novelist. She studied Medicine at Glasgow University before deciding that a doctor's life was not for her. In non-fiction she specializes in Health and is the author of a number of titles including Food Hospital (tie-in to a major Channel 4 series), published by Penguin, and Perfect Detox.